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What is Ezee Energy - vaporizer products - energy boost

EZEE ENERGY is your new instant energy vaporizer, which contains vitamin C, Guarana (gives the caffeine), Taurine, and ginseng. Easy and efficient delivery via inhalation and the natural ingredients provide you a quick and long-lasting energy boost…

EZEE ENERGY contains 400 inhalations, and 20-30 consecutive inhalations will give you all the mental energy you need for an hour. Use EZEE ENERGY periodically throughout the day and/or whenever you need it.

Ezee Energy is a vaporizer which deliver the key ingredients by inhaling, and gives you the boost within seconds. We use same well proven technology like in our other vaporizer products, but Ezee Energy are of course without nicotine.

ezee energy caffein inhaler

buy yours hereBy heating our "energy liquid" to the perfect temperatur, with the build-in not-rechargeable battery, your are inhaling our natural energy. The unique device starts when inhaling and stops when you don´t inhale.

Beside Glycerol and Propylene Glycol, which are needed for making the vapor, we added the taste, Orange- and Bergamot Oils. But most important are the all-natural blend og Ginsing, Taurine and Guarana, which is the caffeine kick.

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